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Privacy Statement

Privacy statement


Respect for the user's privacy is the basic principle of the abrasive inventory net. The following is when the user uses the various services provided by the abrasive inventory network, The privacy policy of the abrasive inventory net. The following policies may be changed as a result of the abrasive inventory net providing more and more different services to the user, as soon as the terms and conditions change, It will be described on the important page and will take effect immediately. If you do not agree to the modified content, the user can cancel the obtained web service voluntarily. If the user continues to enjoy the network service, Is deemed to accept changes in privacy policy. Therefore, it is recommended that users consult regularly.


Abrasive inventory Network collects members' personal information


The abrasive inventory net mainly collects the personal information submitted by users when they register as members of the abrasive inventory net. Through these registration information, the members are comprehensively analyzed. According to the results of relevant statistical analysis, we classify our members. For example: industry, country, etc., in order to provide our members with updated and more effective services. We will provide the above services through the email address provided by members. Will help the abrasive inventory network to provide better service to members.


Content of personal information collected by abrasive inventory net


We need to collect the name and email address of the member and the information transmission between the member and the member. Members should also provide the relevant company information: company name, address, telephone and fax number, web site, etc. Company description, industry and number of employees etc. Members can update and maintain the above information by login name and password registered in the abrasive inventory net.


The abrasive inventory net collects additional information about the user


In addition to the above member registration information, we collect hidden information that can be referred to or used by the abrasive inventory network and its business partners. This is not information for personal identification, but helps market analysis and improve the quality of our services. This information comes from "user access records", so it is necessary to use "Cookies", "IP address" or other numeric identification to identify users. Login or personalization requires the user to accept "Cookies".


Member's personal information will be processed


The member information of the abrasive inventory network is stored in a secure system that is not open to the public. The abrasive inventory network respects the privacy of the members' personal information and is not disclosed to third parties.


However, the following circumstances are not excluded:


(1) the corresponding laws or procedures require the abrasive inventory network to provide the user's personal data;


(2) where it is necessary to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the abrasive stock network;


The need to implement the terms of service of the abrasive inventory network;


In the maintenance of abrasive stock network users and the public under the legitimate interests of the requirements.


On the basis of the registered member information, the abrasive inventory net will carry on the related industry, Geography and other statistical analysis operations. This job is to better understand customer needs and provide better services to members. The abrasive inventory Network reserves the right to provide such statistical analysis to charging customers and business partners.


Third party information


The basic principle of respecting user privacy, we will not disclose to any third party member's personal information, unless we have members of the authorization or at the request of some special situations. We will only use such information to provide our business partners and sponsors for marketing purposes. In addition, the abrasive inventory net where required by law the necessary management, maintenance, service and other work, can provide the relevant membership information.


Responsibilities assumed


Once the user is registered successfully in the abrasive inventory network, we will do our best to ensure the safety of the personal information of the member in the abrasive inventory net system. No disclosure to third parties. The abrasive inventory network does not assume any risk or guarantee of any kind due to the unsafeguarded 100% of the network transmission.


Ensuring the safety of personal information


If the user registers as a member in the abrasive inventory net, he will be given a login name and password for the member only. Members can log on to the abrasive inventory network through the login name and password at any time, We recommend that a member not disclose his or her login name and password to him or her to ensure the security of personal information.


Information submitted by members for commercial use online in abrasive inventory will be made publicly available to all users.


Therefore, please note: members should be careful to publish relevant personal information in public areas.