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The problem is not solved?

1.How to register for abrasive inventory?

   Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, you can register as a member for free on the abrasive inventory website.If you have an online account of abrasive inventory before,【 you can login here : Landing page】.
   If you do not have an online account for abrasive inventory, the specific steps are as follows:
   Open the first page of abrasive inventory, click the upper right corner to log in to register, you can start to register members 【Quick entry:Click here to enter The sign-up page
   After entering the page, the user will set and fill in the page information. Click "register now".

2.Why is the password entered during registration not accepted by the system?

   Check to see if the password you entered is not accepted by the system as follows:
1、The password length entered is not standard.The password must be between 6-20 characters long or short
2、The entered password contains illegal characters.A password can only consist of an English letter, an aliber number, or an underscore

3.In the abrasive inventory network to publish procurement information needs to register?

   If you want to publish purchase information on the abrasive inventory website, you need to register as a member first【Quick entry:Click here to enter The sign-up page

4.How to fail to get SMS verification code when registering?

   Please ensure the phone signal is good and check whether the message is intercepted by the security software. If not, please contact the customer service.

5.Register abrasive inventory net for what shows the account already existed?

   Id number and mobile phone number have been registered and cannot be reused. If the user has forgotten the registration information, please do not try to register again. You can find the password by clicking here【Quick entry:Click here to enter Landing page 】Or contact customer service to verify identity information can also be found after the account

1.How to become a supplier?

   First become a member and then enter the personal center, click to become a supplier, and choose to become an enterprise supplier or an individual supplier.

2.Abrasive inventory network to become a supplier must not be licensed?

   If you want to be a supplier in the abrasive inventory network, you must have a business license.

3.How to publish inventory information?

   Whether you are an individual supplier or enterprise supplier to release inventory information before supplier qualification certification can be conducted on this site【Quick entry:Click here to enter Supply the document page
If you have completed the supplier certification, the specific steps are as follows:
   Open the homepage of abrasive inventory, click release information - release inventory information


   First of all, you need to register as a member, and become a member can directly become a buyer, only release purchasing information.

2.How to publish purchasing information?

   When you become a member, the specific steps are as follows:
   Open the abrasive inventory network personal center, click to publish procurement information.

1.Can abrasive inventory network be traded online now?

   Abrasive inventory network now does not support online transactions, the relevant functions are being improved.

2.How to complete the transaction in the abrasive inventory network?

   When you become a member and see the appropriate products, you can go to the product details page and click to see the contact information.
   Communicate through the appropriate contact information displayed, verify, see if it meets expectations, and then decide whether to trade.