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Data security


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How do we keep user data and privacy safe?

As the core of network information system, the database server often stores a lot of important and sensitive information, so the security of the network database directly affects the security of the data stored in the database. The network database is not only the data information is concentrated, the data processing is large, but also the multi-user access oriented, the data is updated frequently.

To this end, Abrasivestocks carries out network database security protection from the following two levels: one is the security of the operating system and the Web server and the application server; The second is the security of the database core layer, that is, the security of the database itself.

We use SQL SERVER 2000 database management system. 1. Secure the operating system, Web server, and application server. First of all, for the computer system and network on which the network database runs, the main security threat comes from virus invasion. In this respect, the virus should be avoided from hiding, spreading and damaging the operation of the whole system by using the network platform in the outer layer, and the comprehensive management method combining prevention, killing and management is adopted. Therefore, we adopt VPN Technology to build the virtual private network of network database system, to ensure the security of network routing access and information transmission security, through the firewall technology, to achieve the isolation of network and network segment isolation, to ensure the security of the network border, to ensure that the system from viruses and other illegal intrusion harm.

Secondly, it is to prevent data from being monitored or modified during transmission through encryption. SQL Server 2000 uses Tabular Data Stream protocol for network data exchange and adds SSL certificate encryption protocol. Without encryption, all network transmissions are in plain text, including passwords and database contents, which is a big security threat. People can intercept things they need in the network, including database accounts and passwords. To this end, we use SQL SERVER 2000 database management system and add SSL certificate to ensure the security of user data and privacy safe.