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Abrasivestocks.com invited abrasive entrepreneurs to visit henan university of technology


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At 1:30 in the afternoon of March 13th, in order to let entrepreneurs further understand the status quo of technical research in this industry, abrasive inventory network invites all entrepreneurs to come to the laboratory of henan university of technology to learn about the development of abrasive and abrasive tool industry, equipment and technology. The college will show us four directions:

This six-square top press with a sense of age was manufactured together with sanmo in 1965, when it was known as "the golden sound of the press".

All data of this grinding machine are collected and recorded by computer to reduce errors in the operation process. Parameters are automatically set and printed.The invention of the new product saved the manufacturer a great deal of cost.

All the entrepreneurs visited various grinding wheel products, understood the development history of abrasive and abrasive tools, and had a heated discussion with them.In this process, wang yanhui and Yang heng, CEO of the abrasive inventory network of yichuan shengyu refractory materials co., ltd. discussed and sought common development strategies.

In the laboratory, a wide range of grinding wheels, ceramic grinding wheels, precision polishing grinding wheels, nylon, polyurethane grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, concave double-sided special-shaped grinding wheels.Let us see the dazzling, colleagues more confident.

A group of visitors took a group photo at the gate of henan university of technology, and then went to the street to visit the production line of zhuoyu white corundum.

White corundum is divided into dumping furnace and fixed furnace for smelting, the cost of dumping furnace is relatively low mainly used in refractory materials.The fixed furnace can be divided into multi-stage corundum. Zhuoyu is mainly low-sodium white corundum, which has higher temperature and denser crystal density than common white corundum.

The staff of zhuoyu new materials co., ltd. showed all the visitors every production process from refining to screening, which can ensure the quality and quantity of the production of sodium content is not higher than 0.15 low-sodium white corundum to 0.08 slightly sodium white corundum.