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Abrasivestocks.com to visit the abrasive enterprises


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On February 28, 2019, abrasive inventory net Zhang Zhou, general manager, CEO, general manager of Yang came to the auspicious abrasive Zheng Yong, liger abrasive Deng Bin, ChengSen abrasive Xu Qunying, second sand deep n.syed, association secretary general Cao Junchuan for a meeting, discuss abrasive products over the years the development and progress of China, comparing the merits of the products at home and abroad, both sides believe that China's abrasive enterprises produced by the quality of the products has reached the international high-end products.

Abrasive inventory network, auspicious abrasive tools, associations and other preparations for the joint preparation of domestic and foreign abrasive products review.

Mr. Zheng: there is a close relationship between the cutting effect of grinding wheel and the level of electric tools and cutting personnel.At the same time of product review, the improvement of cutting technology and cutting tools should also be considered.

Then came to zhengzhou Oriental abrasive mold co., LTD., and li zong cordial discussion.The industry and information technology commission is concerned with environmental protection. We discuss environmental protection issues and discuss the development of abrasive and abrasive tool enterprises under environmental governance.The business ability of the company is outstanding, the clerk has more than one hundred at most, be called henan abrasives and abrasives clerk "huangpu military academy", now with the development of the form.Salesmen become dealers all over the country to promote business power.