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2018 China (Foshan) Abrasives Grinding Exhibition successfully held


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Sponsored by guangdong provincial abrasives and abrasives professional committee, the 2018 China (foshan) abrasives and abrasives grinding exhibition and hardware tools brand exhibition was successfully held in guangfo hardware and electrical city, foshan city, guangdong province from November 28 to 30, 2018.As the co-organizer of the exhibition, abrasivestocks.com participated in the whole process of picture broadcast, and carried out the introduction of new projects of abrasive inventory network.

Mr. Chen baofeng, chairman of the abrasives and abrasives committee of guangdong province, delivered the opening speech, announcing the opening ceremony, and solemnly announced that the Canton fair in April next year, at the same time, will open the second foshan sanmo exhibition in the same exhibition hall, bigger, more professional and more international.

There are more than 400 enterprises attending the exhibition and grinding upstream and downstream, and the enterprises have conducted multi-directional communication with the customers who come to visit and learn from all over the country.

Abrasivestocks.com, affiliated to henan stoker grinding technology co., LTD., is a vertical B2B trading platform focusing on global grinding product inventory and spot goods.We are committed to integrating the global grinding material inventory spot information, taking destocking as the entry point, so as to make the grinding industry information more symmetrical and more open, select high-quality suppliers for foreign purchasers, and help more small, medium and micro grinding enterprises in China to go out and directly participate in international supply.

The abrasivestocks.com promotion meeting officially kicked off at 3:00 PM on November 28, 2018.

First, by the abrasive inventory network CEO Mr. Yang heng stage speech.Abrasive inventory network, do only one thing: let more Chinese grinding enterprises go out, directly connect with overseas buyers.

Official announcement:

1, Stockstweet, online.

2. The stock promotion was officially renamed StocksTweet. In China, it only provides electronic version, online release, and overseas electronic version, online version and paper version, which are distributed to all visitors at major professional exhibitions around the world.

3. The grinding circle of friends has been renamed as the grinding circle. In the future, the grinding circle will become a professional online communication center in the grinding industry.

4, abrasive inventory network online signing system was officially released, since then, abrasive inventory network online trading road, and a small step forward.

By abrasivestocks.com general manager Mr Zhang Zhou promote abrasive inventory network cooperation projects, invite more professional grinding production enterprises, with export target grinding, understand and join our SV model, and introduce "grinding enterprise (China) good faith manifesto" activities, invite more honest grinding enterprise to join the activity.

Zhengzhou zhuoyu new material co., LTD., a new SV member of abrasive inventory network, and zigong fengrui new material co., LTD., a VIP member of zhengzhou zhuoyu new material co., LTD., and the integrity declaration invited to the meeting of the enterprise stage, directly promote the enterprise, face to face with the exhibition personnel for a profound and direct exchange.

At the same time, the abrasive inventory network and zhengzhou zhuoyu new materials co., LTD., zigong feng rui new materials co., LTD., the formal signing ceremony.

China (foshan) abrasive abrasives grinding exhibition, is a successful grinding industry event, will strengthen foshan for China's larger and stronger abrasive abrasives hardware tools distribution center advantages, will certainly contribute to the internationalization of China's grinding industry!