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Re-interview with Brown Corundum Town-Yichuan County, Henan Province: the way of High-quality Development under High pressure of Environmental Protection


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Yichuan County, an important town of brown corundum industry in China, has been affected to a certain extent by environmental protection and high-pressure policy in recent years. According to industry statistics, in 2017, the number of enterprises with processing capacity of more than 5000 tons in Ichuan County reached 80. Just two years later, under the high-pressure policy of environmental protection, more than half of the enterprises have been forced to shut down and stop production. And those who persist, after the pain of environmental protection, and the full market competition, is radiating a new industry vitality.

Let's go to Icheon through Ereet-abrasive inventory Network to get an in-depth understanding of the production and management situation of local enterprises and the persistence and efforts they have paid in the face of high-pressure environmental protection policies in the industry.

The Road of Transformation and upgrading of Brown Corundum Industry in Yichuan County

In early January 2019, Luoyang City held a central environmental protection inspector "looking back" feedback, rectification and reform talks, on brown corundum enterprise management extensive, governance is not in place, the main responsible comrades of the Yichuan county government. Subsequently, the brown corundum industry enterprise in Yichuan County carried out a large-scale environmental protection rectification campaign. In the past three months, the local brown corundum enterprise in Ichuan invested a great deal of money in upgrading environmental protection equipment and installing real-time monitoring instruments for environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of rectification and reform. The industry basically realized green production. However, due to the lack of specific environmental protection standards in the brown corundum industry in China, local enterprises will still be protected by environmental protection in the face of environmental law enforcement. The dilemma, the industry normal production and management has also been partially affected.

However, under such circumstances, local enterprises still practice hard, upgrade production equipment, strengthen the control of raw material quality, enhance the specialization, refinement, extension of the industrial chain, and make better use of industry resources. At the same time, we should review the current situation, speed up the technological progress and improve the industrial structure, carry forward the spirit of hard work and hard work, and strive for the further development and upgrading of the Yichuan brown corundum industry.

Luoyang Xinxiang corundum co., Ltd

When we visited Luoyang Xinxiang Corundum Co., Ltd., we found that the newly built standardized plant was clean and bright, the workshop used fully automated production line, the production process was free of dust, slight noise, low energy consumption, and solved the environmental protection problem of brown corundum production. In addition, only two technical workers are needed for the whole production line, which greatly reduces the manpower cost, and the quality of the brown corundum grain-size sand produced by the automatic production line is stable, and the integrated cost is lower than the traditional production line.

Yichuan County sharp mineral products processing plant

During the visit to the sharp mineral processing plant in Yichuan County, we learned that the new standardization factory, which was built in 1999, finally owned its own 13000 square meters of standardization after several relocations. Nineteen years of development, today's sharp has a new environmental protection of brown corundum washing production line, drying from the original coal to gas, to avoid secondary pollution of the product. After 19 years of growth, sharp still only focuses on the production and development of water-washed brown corundum fine powder and fine sand, including F sand, P sand series, water washing fine powder.

Luoyang Hongfeng new material co., Ltd

Luoyang Hongfeng New Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale abrasives, super-hard material production and export enterprise in China. Over the years, through the advantages of high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service, the company has been expanding and strengthening its export business, actively avoiding vicious price competition with the same industry at home.

Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd.

In recent years, Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd. has made innovations and breakthroughs in several aspects, such as standardization, intelligence, electricity, environmental protection and so on. At present, the company has a number of high-grade abrasive production lines including medium-high temperature calcining, coating, composite, stacking, etc., mainly producing high-grade brown corundum abrasive P, F series, high-grade coating abrasive P, F series, high-grade composite abrasive P, F series, etc. High-grade stacking abrasive P, F series, a total of eight series of more than 400 varieties, annual production capacity of 35000 tons.