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The silicon carbide market is waiting to explode again


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Low energy consumption, high efficiency and miniaturization have become the three main trends of electronic product development.However, these three topics are exactly the most vexing problems for r & d personnel.In order to miniaturize electronic products, not only the overall appearance of products, but also the small internal components must be miniaturized. However, in order to provide higher energy efficiency of devices, the miniaturization of power components has encountered a great bottleneck.To solve this problem at once, a new generation of power components with higher efficiency, better performance and smaller size must be developed.

Power device

Logic chips in electronic devices can be easily reduced in size through advanced wafer microfabrication processes.However, miniaturization of power components is not that easy.Specifically, power components are generally used in electronic devices to convert high-voltage and high-power AC/DC converters, or to switch power for the purpose of diode and MOSFET, in addition to the modular form of output power modules.

In the past, the basic materials of power components are mainly Silicon (Si), which is also the most common traditional semiconductor materials.SiC) began to be taken seriously.

Silicon carbide is a kind of to achieve low power consumption, high efficiency and miniaturization of power device, compared with silicon, silicon carbide feature more heavily on the power loss and high temperature performance, can be superior to the traditional silicon semiconductor devices, this material can reduce the switching loss of energy, even in high temperature environment, still have excellent performance, so they take a fancy to will become a new generation of high power component materials.

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is a very stable compound semiconductor in thermodynamics, chemistry and physics.It not only surpasses the low resistance, high speed and high temperature of silicon semiconductor, but also greatly reduces the energy loss caused by various power conversion in the process of power transmission to the machine.In recent years, with the application of silicon carbide materials gradually mature, coupled with its unique advantages in the field of semiconductor, made of silicon carbide has gradually toward practical application, in many high power application, including the requirements for product quality have car field, as well as for energy saving and living around miniaturization special requirements on the application of silicon carbide semiconductor can already be seen.

Physical properties of silicon carbide

Silicon carbide SiC is a compound semiconductor material made up of silicon (Si) and carbon (C).Its binding force is so strong that it can present a highly stable state thermodynamically, chemically and mechanically.Pure silicon carbide is colorless. Industrial silicon carbide is brown to black because it contains iron and so on. Rainbow luster on the crystal is caused by the passivation layer of silicon dioxide produced on the surface.