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The first Grinding Technology Japan 2019, abrasivestocks.com~s business trip smoothly ended


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March 14, 2019, abrasive inventory network grinding business group a total of 18 people flew to Tokyo, Japan, to start the business study tour, exhibition itinerary.

On the morning of 15th, all the staff took the lead to arrive at nissan yokohama company, Japan, to visit the nissan motor engine production line, which mainly produces the nissan qijun engine, and this engine is used in more than 60 types of cars in the world, to ensure the operation of tens of thousands of vehicles.60% of the work in this production line is done by industrial robots, and the installation and post-installation testing of important parts are done rigorously by manual labor.In the production tour line, members of our business group would ask the explant questions from time to time, so that they could have a closer and deeper experience of the culture of Japanese enterprises and have a clearer development direction.Finally, all members of the business group took a photo in front of the Japanese factory.

 On the afternoon of 15th, the business group arrived at kirin beer co., LTD., the second largest beer manufacturer in Japan and one of the top ten beer producers in the world, for a visit and learning. Similarly, the business group was impressed by its advanced concept and rigorous production.In the end, we also tasted various kinds of kirin beer, ending the afternoon trip

16, 17 is a relaxing two-day trip, visited asakusa temple, Mount Fuji, nagano eight sea, kawaguchi lake, zhonghua street and yokohama park.

The next three days will be the Japan grinding exhibition. Members of the business group have done their homework in advance to prepare for the meeting with foreign customers.In the morning, we participated in the opening ceremony of grinding, abrasive inventory network booth flow of people, continuous.The manufacturer of different use consults ceaselessly, mutual leave information.At 6:30 in the evening, all of us attended the business dinner prepared by the host.


 On the afternoon of 20th, abrasi.com visited relevant universities, Japan abrasives association and relevant experts in the industry that participated in the exhibition in Japan.In the communication with each other, Japanese universities, associations and industry experts also hope to let more Chinese enterprises know about the promotion of Japanese technology through the abrasive inventory network, hoping to connect with a larger Chinese grinding market.Finally, members of the abrasive inventory network and the business group also issued invitations to corresponding universities, associations and experts in Japan, hoping to have the opportunity to communicate and make progress between China and Japanese industry associations.

On the afternoon of 21st, the delegation arrived at xinzheng international airport safely from narita international airport, Japan.The business trip has come to a successful conclusion.

Abrasivestocks.com will continue to serve for all the grinding enterprises wholeheartedly attitude, for China's grinding enterprises to take off!