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Grease bonded diamond wheel


Reading guidance:

Resin bonded diamond wheel is a kind of grinding wheel made of resin bonded and diamond

Structure: resin bonded diamond wheel is a grinding wheel with diamond or CBN as the main grinding component.

Features: resin bonded diamond grinding wheel has a good polishing effect, grinding wheel sharp, not easy to plug, high grinding efficiency, and grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow;Good self-sharpening, low calorific value during grinding, not easy to block, reduce the phenomenon of working burn during grinding;Grinding wheel has certain elasticity, which is conducive to improving the roughness of the workpiece surface. It is mainly used for fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes.Resin bonded diamond grinding wheel is low temperature curing, short production cycle, equipment and supply process is relatively simple;Because of the fluidity of resin, it is easy to shape the grinding wheel with complex surface.

Application: used for grinding high and hard alloy, non-metallic material, cutting hard and brittle hard alloy, non-metallic mineral, etc.Such as cemented carbide, ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials and wear - resistant cast iron.