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How should small and medium-sized enterprises do bidding promotion?


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Baidu keyword paid bidding, is often called the "rich game" name, that is, how much the bid affects your ranking position.There is always a group of people, while cursing baidu too pit, while constantly giving money to baidu to promote.Undeniably, baidu bidding promotion is very helpful for small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly improve their visibility and market share. At the same time, baidu bidding has supported a large number of people, added a lot of jobs and made some people.


However, due to the late participation of some enterprises, the poor financial strength, hired some professional knowledge and skills is not enough, so that the original need for strategy and technology baidu bidding promotion becomes more enigma, leading to the views of baidu there are some misunderstandings.Let's talk about some of these myths.


One, baidu bidding is rich is omnipotent?


In baidu bidding can say "money is not everything, but no money is absolutely not!"If you want to enter the game, you have to have money, and if you don't have money, you don't have to play. But if you have money, you can't play without skills and brains. Otherwise, you will find this is a deep pit, and you will swallow up as much property as you have.So if you've just entered the bidding pool, you might still be handsome, but if you're a simple-minded, well-developed person, soon you'll be one of the millions of dwarves who are poor.


Baidu's phoenix nest system, launched in 2009, has new rules for the new system.The ranking price that you want is invisible, rely on completely predict and try, the range that tries to raise a price every time sees an industry, the industry that competes force more greatly raises a price amplitude more tall.For example, the small way to know the investment to join the industry each price range of a few yuan, at most ten yuan, do not exclude the big brother bid, that is high.Like the medical industry is also to see the region, such as a single word in first-tier cities each price increase range is less than 20, 30 yuan, more than 50, 60 yuan, the account in the two or three hundred keywords are too common, every day I feel that he is tuhao, just like the account money is mine......


So in baidu bid to play, no money is not good.In addition, baidu's keyword ranking price is no longer like the classic version before just by the bid as the leading, the introduction of the concept of quality degree diluted the importance of money, let users know that even if the bid to 999 May not be able to promote to the left.And now, the introduction of credibility mechanism, and the left side of the promotion of the reduction of the promotion of the right side of the cancellation of the promotion of the technical strategy requirements for bidders, and improved the level.


Two, baidu bidding work is only to modify the creativity, adjust the price?


Remember once interviewed a bid specialist, working in a small company in the medical industry for more than a year, came to the interview, I asked him a lot of questions, do not know how to answer.Usually there are two reasons for this situation, the first is nothing in the brain, is a bidding novice, the moisture on the resume is relatively large;Second, maybe he has been working for more than a year, but he is still a beginner, because there is no one in the company to guide him, no one to teach him, and he himself is not ambitious.


His daily work in the company is to adjust prices, deny words, write ideas, update ideas, modify the way keywords match and so on some very elementary work.After an interview, when he left, he asked me if I could tell him if there was anything else for the bid. I could not refuse this question, and it was not easy to come all the way to the interview.I asked him, "do you know what the essence of bidding is?"He looked at me blankly.


I said the essence of bidding is to generate benefits for the enterprise, to find a way to use the least money to produce the greatest effect, so that the enterprise to earn more money.If you want to do a good job in your account, you should first have your own ideas in terms of the words you choose, and then elaborate the account structure, which is conducive to creative writing and landing page selection, and then creative writing again.According to your financial strength, when your ranking is not very good, can not complain about the boss stingy, want to find a way to use the existing promotion funds to the maximum extent.Boss is such, you help him earn money he will be willing to continue to invest money, then how do you make money for the boss?It also requires you to be very sensitive to data analysis and make some judgment through comprehensive analysis of various data. If you have judgment, you should have a sense of responsibility, because you have to bear the consequences of judgment.At present, there is a kind of profession called data analyst, which is nothing more than sensitive to data and able to dig out what you want from huge Numbers keenly.


Three, baidu bidding keywords and more creative better?


Some things are to be enough, not necessarily more, to exquisite.Because in addition to the title, creativity is the most can improve conversion rates, clear ideas, help to introduce a demand of customers, if creative ambiguity, the customer to do not have a clear understanding of your products, can cause the customer to click on ads into the website, found that is not what you need the product, then click advertising is wasted!


Four, baidu bidding keywords ranking only the first is the best?


Ranking first is not necessarily the best effect, but it must be the highest traffic consumption.Generally the first is very tuhao practice, if you do not have strong financial support or not to fight.The higher the keyword ranking, the more false clicks, which means the higher your cost.If you want to rank first on the results page of keyword search, of course, it will cost more than the last few, because the paid keyword advertisement is competing for who pays more, and the professional level of the website has no direct relationship.


However, the ranking of the first is not necessarily the end will have a very good effect, if the basic work of the website is not done, or the product itself is not popular, then no matter how much cost to buy keywords, even if you get a lot of traffic, can not be converted into a deal, it is also meaningless.But if you do brand promotion, the first position is indisputable, how much the cost must be maintained.


Five, blindly follow the trend of infatuation with the quality of keywords?


Undeniably the quality of keywords is very important, it is related to the cost of baidu bidding and ranking.Spring people suggest not to see the quality of the degree of decline blindly bid, change ideas, should be judged by some data whether the word is worth optimizing.The price, click-through rate and conversion rate of all keywords should be fully tracked and analyzed, to understand which keywords have high click-through rate and which keywords have high conversion rate, and constantly adjust and optimize the promotion of keywords according to the effect of the placement, in order to create the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.


Keyword quality is like a myth, we can't really grasp, because his rules are really let a person guess.Sometimes someone will ask me how to do the quality is not good ah, I should not pause the keyword ah?Should I change the matching mode of keywords?I do not know if you have found that many industry accounts in the fierce competition of the word is difficult to optimize the quality of the degree, you take good care of him may not thrive.It is believed that for the quality degree, he naturally has the value of his existence, but if you blindly focus on the quality degree, maybe you will walk into the trap of baidu, which originally affects the decision of promotion strategy and becomes meaningless because you want to optimize the quality degree.