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Grinding disc maintenance instructions


Reading guidance:

■ Replace the grinding wheel disc

When the diamond or CBN on the grinding disc has been worn, the grinding disc must be replaced.

Order of replacing grinding wheel disc:

(1) clean the upper and lower plates;

(2) turn out the upper plate;

(3) remove the center gear;

(4) turn in and lower the upper plate;

(5) remove the pressure cover;

(6) loosen the screw of the upper plate and raise the edge;Note: as you raise the edge of the upper wheel, make sure that the upper wheel is not raised with one.

(7) turn out;Note: be careful that the measuring probe at the center of the upper plate is crushed.

(8) remove the upper plate with a crane or fork lift;

(9) loosen the four screws on the edge of the lower disc;

(10) put the two ring screws into the lower plate;

(11) put the chain through the ring and hook it;

(12) lift the lower plate and its side ring with a crane or fork lift and move it to an open space;

(13) lower the lower plate, and then remove and install the wheels and edges by loosening the screws under the edges;

(14) drive shaft for cleaning plate and footer;

(15) grease the low-speed shaft;

(16) replace the new diamond grinding wheel disc

(17) lift and position it to the axis of the driving shaft by lifting the fork elevator;

(18) tighten the screw clockwise through the torque wrench (m-50nm);

(19) lift the upper plate through the fork lift and place it on the lower plate;

(20) turn in, then put down the edge of the upper plate and adjust;Note: be careful that the measuring probe in the center of the upper plate is damaged.

(21) tighten the screw clockwise through torque wrench (m-40nm);

(22) assemble pressure cover;

(23) raise the upper plate and turn it out;

(24) install the central gear;

(25) reverse buckle the upper plate on the changed lower plate, press down the upper plate, adjust the balance pressure, and install the upper plate;Note: gear direction.

(26) clean the replaced grinding wheel disc, ensure that the upper and lower parts are not damaged, and return to the grinding disc manufacturer.

■ Use and maintenance

1. Sharpening: after the CBN grinding disc is installed, the grinding disc shall be dressed with dressing ring in order to open the edge of the grinding disc.The first dressing time of the grinding disc should be about 3 minutes, the grinding disc should be smoothed, and generally the dressing time is 30 seconds after the cutting edge is opened.

Jilida grinding disc has been checked before leaving the factory, the flatness and parallelism are s0.02mm.After the replacement of the grinding disc, first measure the flatness of the grinding disc and *** the dressing direction for shaping and sharpening for 15 seconds (the rotation direction of the inner ring should be consistent with the direction of the grinding workpiece).

Parameters commonly used for dressing:

Equilibrium pressure: 0.3-0.35MP

Preloading: 0.2 MP

The main pressure: 0.2-0.25 MP

Back pressure: 0.2 MP

2. Timely change the grinding direction. If grinding in one direction for a long time, the flatness of the grinding disc will be seriously out of tolerance and it is difficult to repair.Insist on changing the direction of inner ring once half a working day, and the direction of upper and lower plate and inner ring once a working day, so as to ensure the accuracy of grinding plate and machining workpiece.

3. Pay attention to adjust the main pressure and grinding time at work, ranging from 0.25 to 0.4MP(this is because as the number of grinding discs increases, the ground powder will be filled between CBN or diamond particles, and then CBN or diamond particles will be passivated).According to the workpiece to choose the appropriate main pressure pressure and pressure time.Generally speaking, the main pressure up to 0.4MP, grinding time more than 1 minute and 40 seconds to consider the repair disk.

4. Upon completion of the work, the grinding disk surface shall be cleaned in time and the shift record shall be made.

5, to get a better machining accuracy, it is important to maintain a good flatness of the grinding disc.

6. It is suggested that the CBN grinding disc manufactured by jielida should be dressed by the grinding wheel produced by jielida.

■ grinding disc adjustment

The flatness of grinding disc must be checked and adjusted regularly.

When you use the direction shown on the left, the abrasion of the grinding disc is as shown on the right. When the abrasion of the grinding disc in the right exceeds 0.04mm(the higher the flatness of the grinding disc, the higher the quality of the workpiece), you must change the rotation direction of the grinding disc or the friction edge part to make it smooth.