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Cut Shot

FOB PriceUSD497.00/T

  • Grain size:45#


    Region: China

    Packaging: Bag Package/Small Bag Package

  • PubDate:2018-09-05 18:32:34

    Deadline:2018-12-04 18:32:34

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The wire cutting pill is made of *ed raw material scrap steel, adding rare metal and best proportioning alloy, and is transformed into steel grain by electric furnace smelting, modern equipment production, and after multiple electric heat treatment and automatic screening, the process of forming steel grain in liquid metal The chemical composition and particle size are strictly controlled to ensure that its mechanical properties are suitable for various purposes. Each production process has the strictest quality management. The steel balls produced are tightly organized, not easy to be broken, uniform in particle size distribution, have appropriate hardness, strong impact resistance and long service life.nents