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The brown fused alumina market in Guizhou is stable


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After the Lantern Festival, the brown corundum production enterprises in Guizhou have resumed production, and the production of brown corundum is also slowly increasing. In terms of price, most enterprises have implemented pre-holiday prices, and the market mainstream quotations are limited, and the brown corundum market is in a stable state. The mainstream price of the local brown corundum segment sand market is concentrated at 5100-5300 yuan / ton.

It is understood that the two major concerns of the local brown fused alumina enterprises in Guizhou are the environmental protection and control, and the second is the supply of bauxite. Judging from the 18-year market trend, environmental protection is a topic that cannot be avoided by brown fused alumina enterprises. It is normal for manufacturers to continuously upgrade environmental protection equipment. The second is the supply of raw materials and bauxite. Only a few brown corundum production enterprises have bauxite mines, which support the continuous production of brown fused alumina, and the supply of raw materials without bauxite continues to be tight, and production is also affected. Great impact, the price of bauxite is also rising, and the cost of brown fused alumina enterprises is under pressure.

In 2019, the supply of environmental protection and raw materials and bauxite is still the focus of the brown corundum production enterprises, and the window of refractory materials will continue to pay attention to market