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To grind a commonly used abrasive


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Grinding commonly used abrasive:

1, black corundum is suitable for processing steel, glass sandblasting, metal casting building floor.The hardness of brown corundum is slightly lower in common abrasive.However, in the process of grinding, the abrasive particles of the crushing resistance is better, suitable for grinding of high tensile strength of the metal, such as ordinary steel rough grinding and heavy grinding, especially suitable for carbon steel, general alloy steel, but also for the grinding of forged iron and hard bronze.

2. White corundum is another basic type of common abrasive.Its hardness is slightly higher than that of brown corundum.In the grinding, in the grinding of its grinding effect is good, cutting force is strong.White corundum is suitable for grinding steel with high hardness.Such as high carbon steel, high speed steel, quenching steel, but also suitable for easy to produce burn workpiece processing, such as cutting tools, thin wall workpiece grinding and fine grinding of alloy steel.

3, monocrystalline corundum has good multi-edge cutting edge, high hardness, high toughness value, strong grinding force, small grinding heat, long abrasive cutting life, can be processed harder and more tough steel, such as stainless steel, high vanadium high-speed steel, but also especially suitable for deformation, easy to burn workpiece grinding and large feed grinding.

4. Microcrystalline corundum has small size, high strength, good self-sharpening and can be used for deep grinding.In the grinding process, the microcrystalline corundum is in the state of micro-crushing and has good self-sharpening, so it is suitable for the grinding of heavy load with large grinding depth.

5, chrome corundum is rose colored, so some people call it rose corundum.Its brittleness moderate, cutting performance is good, suitable for a variety of high finish surface processing or molding grinding.

6, zirconium corundum high strength, good wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, grinding wheel surface is not easy to plug, suitable for heavy load grinding or rough grinding of stainless steel, heat resistant alloy steel, titanium alloy, high-speed high vanadium and other materials.

7, silicon carbide is suitable for processing non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials, black silicon carbide is mostly used for grinding or cutting the bottom of the strength of the material, such as cast iron workpiece, non-ferrous metals, abrasive manufacturing, but also used for non-metallic materials such as stone processing.

8. Green silicon carbide is mostly used for materials with high hardness and brittleness;Such as hard alloy, optical glass grinding processing.Feizhan abrasive abrasive production of black green silicon carbide.Particle size sand powder, is a large furnace smelting, particle size from 36 # -1800 #, has the national standard, day standard to 8000 #.The product has high packing density, strong grinding ability, high hardness, strong cutting ability, uniform particle size standard, widely suitable for ceramic grinding block, metal grinding, electronics, jewelry polishing, etc., is the best choice for friends.