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Zhengzhou Tongxin Abrasive co., LTD        Enter the official website

Region:No. 1, north runan road, upper block, xingyang city, henan province, China

Company Introduction:

Zhengzhou Tongxin Abrasive co., LTD mainly deals in the smelting and crushing of white corundum.The company is located in xingyang district, henan province, geographical location, convenient transportation.The company specializes in the production of white corundum, white corundum abrasive, white corundum powder and other series of abrasive, according to "W series, F series, P series, JIS series" according to different user needs, the variety and specifications are complete, the developed products have superior performance and strong applicability.Enterprises always insist on providing customers with good products and technical support, as well as sound after-sales service.With the mission of "professional trustworthy, sincere and win-win future", the company disseminates its business philosophy through such channels as abrasive storage network enterprise platform, modern global Internet channels, international and domestic industry-related exhibitions, enterprise exchange meetings and learning conferences, making contributions to the development of abrasive industry.The working principle of the enterprise is to insist on doing things with heart, serve every customer professionally, treat every transaction with a strong sense of responsibility, and carry out the right things in the right way.
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